Monday, May 20, 2013

Helping Oklahoma...

Hi Friends,

I just got off the phone with a disaster crew member in Oklahoma, and I was told another 17 kids are feared dead in an elementary school tonight after a EF5 tornado struck the southern part of Oklahoma City. So far 51 have been counted as dead with several other bodies en-route to the morgue. Most being children. 

I feel helpless for Oklahoma. Nearly two years to the date I did what I could to help Joplin in Florida (, but this time I want to do what I have available and that is to donate 50% of every pre-order to the Red Cross. Just click on the purchase link above.

So when you pre-order, please know your doing your part in helping donate to the victims, their families and the communities near Oklahoma City. 

Please say a prayer for Oklahoma and keep them in your thoughts. If you wish to donate directly to the Red Cross, please visit!

Lots of love, light & happiness,

Jonathan Jaxson

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