Saturday, July 6, 2013


When writing my first short memoir, I wanted to finally set the record straight and tell the 100% raw truth about my desire for fame and my life as a publicist in Hollywood. Of course, there are some of those that I met along the way in the book as well and part of their stories.

But, what I really desired from writing this book was to be able to sell enough copies to afford a healthy and functional home for my mother and little brother who is partially handicapped. "The miracle child" mentioned in my book.

Furthermore, I wanted to make just enough to afford to take care of much needed dental work in my mouth and have the smile I have always also dreamed since a child. I am on the road to this process and I feel closer everyday to selling just enough copies to be able to make my mother's life a lot easier and allow my little brother many of the freedoms I was left without growing up.

So, so far we have sold nearly 10,000 copies (combined with e-books and paperback) and I need to sell at LEAST 40,000 more to make these dreams possible. I won't give up and I hope you won't give up on me either. I always believed as a child and made my dreams come true in what ever fashion, and will do the same with this, regardless of what I have to do to make it happen!

Thank you all who have purchased and supported me thus far, and shared your own reviews (good and bad) about my memoir. It remains a best seller in several countries in different categories after nearly 5 weeks this coming Tuesday and I can't wait to continue to see those numbers grow. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, I must BELIVE!

Much love, light and happiness to you and yours as always!


Jonathan Jaxson

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