Don't You Know Who I Am Yet? is about a young man searching desperately for the acceptance and attention that his family could never provide. As a confused teenager, he eventually became addicted to the heightened atmosphere of Reality TV and was featured on countless shows by using issues from his difficult past as talk show fodder. Jonathan finally positions himself in what he thinks is a legitimate career as a publicist only to find himself back in the Reality TV world helping stars and wannabes become famous by any means necessary. It's a cautionary tale about how instant fame and public adulation can become as addictive as any drug in our celebrity-focused, Reality TV culture.  It's a lesson Jonathan learned the hard way.

Jonathan has appeared in numerous magazines and on several national TV shows such as; The Today Show, Extra, The Insider, Dr. Drew, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, CNN, Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition. He has also been a regular feature on Top 10 radio stations across the country for the past 7 years, with programs such as; Billy Bush, Ace & TJ, AJ's Morning Playhouse, The Jackie & Bender Show, The Bert Show and many others. Jaxson was also the features and entertainment anchor/reporter for CBS 46's "Better Morning's Atlanta" and "Action News Jax" in Jacksonville, FL.

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